University of Lahore

HOD Message

Welcome to the Department of Sport Sciences & Physical Education. We offer undergraduate and graduate studies through BS, MSc & MPhil (Sport Sciences & Physical Education) programs with the determination and aim of developing a rich amalgam of humanities and management perspectives in sports. These specific programs of physical education focus on sports and exercise psychology, sports medicine, physical education and research.

Once the students have obtained the BS or MSc (Sport and physical education Studies) degree they can engage in further research and education through graduate program offered in the department as MPhil in Sport and Physical Education.

These programs are designed to introduce as well as master the students in physiological basis for exercise and physical activity, enabling them to directly apply physical fitness and athletic conditioning. Furthermore, providing them sufficient skills to perform health and wellness programs based upon the ability to assess needs and going beyond the pitch and field to contribute to the body of literature through research project.

I am proud to be a part of the Sports Sciences and Physical Education as I believe that we have high caliber faculty and sporting staff available for assisting the students to build their destiny

Dr. Jamshaid Ahmed, Associate Professor
HOD, Department of Sports Sciences, FAHS, UOL

Dean Message

In March 2012 the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established which in December 2012 is marked with accomplishments in the areas of academia, research and extracurricular activities. Due to full support from the Chairman BOG, The University of Lahore, bold initiatives were taken for launching new departments this year.

HoD Message

I welcome you all to the Department of Sports Sciences which is a newly established department under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS). This program is currently offering three diverse and much in demand courses including Bachelor of Sports Sciences (BS-SS), Master of Science in Sports Sciences (MS-SS), MPhil in Sports Sciences and PhD in Sports Sciences.